Through the creation of a democratic design system, 'The Planet Vs Bolsonaro' empowers every single person on the planet to take a stand against Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro's actions in the Amazon. The campaign amplifies the purpose of a landmark case that the global NGO AllRise filed at the International Criminal Court against ecological crimes. While the ICC is now investigating the case, the planet's united voice put the conversation on the world's agenda, drawing attention to the importance of taking legal action against ecological criminals. You can create your own message at

Launch film:
The accessible design system and sharing tools.
Agency: 180 Amsterdam / Client: AllRise / CCO: Kalle Hellzén / CEO: Sander Volten / COO: Stpehen Corlett / Creative Director: Marlon von Franquemont / Art Director: Tomo Tamatabake / Copywriter: Lee Allen  / Design Director: Alta Razazedeh / Senior Video Editor: Yori van Gerven, Hanna Nurren, Francisco Rodriguez / Animation: Gandhi / Web design: Koen Gerritsen / MP Acount Management: Launrent Francois / Account Director: Hayley Reddal / Strategy: Uli Kurtenbach / Content & Digital Director: Lenneke Speelman / Social Media Manager: Hope Frost / Producers: Souraya El-Far, Colin Pueschner / Account manager: Max Hurford, Cecile Fischer / BA Director: Sarah Gough / Photography: Megan Raats, Jazzley Roque da Silva / PR: Izzy Ashton / Post-Production: MPC London.
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