Hyundai’s founder – a humble farmer named Mr. Chung Ju-Yung – is a man who didn’t just build a global automobile enterprise throughout his career, but also built his country in the process. In fact, Mr. Chung’s stories are so extraordinary that even fairy-tale writers would find them unbelievable.

So, in a series of long-copy ads, written with a fable-like tone, we retold key moments of Mr. Chung’s career. And the best part about all these stories? They’re not fairy tales. The events actually took place. 
Honours & Awards:
New York Festivals Shortlist
Cresta Awards Bronze

Ad Age Editor's Pick 

Credits: INNOCEAN Berlin / Global Chief Creative Officer: Jeremy Craigen / Chief Operating Officer: Andreas Cordt / European Chief Creative Officer: Gabriel Mattar / Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Wolff / Senior Art Director: Marlon von Franquemont, Felipe Cury, Teco de Luccia / Copywriter: Andy King, Rohan Vitus Fernandes / Art Director: Bianca Heusch / Senior Designer-Illustrator: Nicolaas Kotzé / Senior Designer: Sebastian Hudert / Illustrator: Halil Mete / Business Director: Andrea Razeto / Senior Account Director: Sven Kuebler / Hyundai: Vice President Marketing & Product Planning Hyundai Motor Europe: Andreas-Christoph Hofmann / Brand Strategy & Communication Manager: Philippe Jourdain / Strategic Marketing Planning Assistant Manager: Hyang A Kim.
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