Hyundai’s progressive spirit has always been the key driver of the Korean company’s success, the key ingredient to becoming the sixth-largest carmaker in the world. However, since arriving in Europe in the late 70s, there was one key missing element: a proper brand introduction. So, when Hyundai became the trailblazer in sustainable mobility in 2019, it was time to show the origin of this progress. It actually started decades ago, when the plans of a humble farmer named Chung Ju Yung would change Korea. And soon after, the world.
“An elegant retrospective tracing Hyundai’s
70-year history back to its founder.”
– Ad Age
Honours & Awards:
2x New York Festivals Finalist 
Ad Age Editor's pick
Epica Shortlist
Cresta Awards Bronze
Cresta Awards Shortlist

Deutscher Werbefilmpreis Finalist
LIA Shortlist
Ciclope Awards Finalist

Credits:​​​​​​​ INNOCEAN Berlin / Worldwide CCO: Jeremy Craigen / European CCO: Gabriel Mattar / ECD: Ricardo Wolff / CEO: Scott Choi / Business Director: Andrea Razeto / COO: Andreas Cordt / CSD: Mark Fosbueary / Producer: Mark Rota / Senior Strategy Manager: Anna Nowak-Otto / Strategy Director: Sohpia Goerner / Account: Sven Kuebler, Min Kyung Park / Senior ADs: Marlon von Franquemont, Teco de Luccia, Sebastian Hudert / Senior CW: Chris Rocco, Thomas Bengtson / Senior designer: Nicolas Kotzé / CW: Rohan Vitus Fernandez, Andy King / Production Company: MJZ London, Managing Director: Helen Kenny / Representative Partner: Tony Petersen Film Berlin / Producer: Nathalie Hill (MJZ), Michael Duttenhöfer (TPf) / Director: Dante Ariola / DOP: Kasper Tuxen / Director 1st AD: John Lowe / Production Designer: Quito Cooksey / Editor: Crispin Struthers @ Final Cut, LA / Post-Production Online and CG: MPC London/LA / Producer: Tomek Zietkiewicz / Lead CG: Jessie Amadio / Lead 2D: Guillaume Weiss / Creative Director: Michael Gregory / Colourist: Mark Gethin / Sound Design: Stimmüng, LA / Sound Studio: Loft Studios, Berlin / Music: 2wei Music, Hamburg
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