In 2017, Ebay launched a new gaming platform which offered both hardware and software for all gaming platforms.
To reach hard core gamers, we created a campaign only they would understand.
Explanation: IDDQD is a legendary cheat code used in the 1993 game Doom / BSTS: Better Safe Than Sorry / RL: Real Life / BBEG: Big Bad Evil Guy / AFK: Away From Keyboard / PWN: An act of dominating an opponent / BSOD: Black Screen Of Death / WTB: Want To Buy / WTS: Want To Sell / Want To Trade / NP: No Problem / "Campers": players who are hated for waiting in a corner / COD WWII: Call of Duty / SW Bf2: Star Wars Battle Front 2.
Credits: VCCP Berlin. ECD: Carsten Fillinger / Senior AD: Marlon von Franquemont / Account: Timo Hillbrecht / Strategy: Wiebke Dreyer
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